In the Air / Curiosity Didn't Kill the Cat. Apathy Did!

In the Air - Curiosity Didn't Kill the Cat. Apathy Did!

First there is reality. Then there are those who try to figure out how reality works. Others attempt to tame reality. Then we realize that we might not have properly understood reality. The cycle of reality evading us continues but what comes up, must go down...

In an earlier post I had described apathy as self imposed imprisonment. In another posts, I had written about instincts and primary drives. Franz Kafka wrote: "So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being". Once we've satisfied our primary needs and reached a state of homeostasis and relaxation, we can begin to "live". The quality of our life is dependent on one thing more than any other, a genuine curiosity of the world around us. We are taught to relate success to money, power, eminence, achievement, etc. But true success is proportional to our curiosity more than any of those attainments. In fact, without open curiosity those tend to trigger our fight-or-flight response and lead to a state of apathy. Kids are naturally curious about everything. The happiest older people in all societies are the ones that have maintained their childlike curiosity. When curiosity is gone, so is life.

Curiosity did not kill the cat! Apathy (worry, sorrow) killed the cat!
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