Primary Activities / Think About the Fish!

Primary Activities - Think About the Fish!

Most animals share the same physiological primary drives to establish homeostasis and to ensure life goes on. Although there are a number of academic theories and ways to categorize primary drives, fundamentally, they are thirst, hunger and reproduction.

Primary Activities are activities that are the natural consequences of primary drives and are common among animals and humans. Animals hunt, eat and excrete; Sleep, rest and groom; Compete for and select a mate; Reproduce; Defend themselves against predators; Move or travel to more suitable environments...

Animal biologists, documentarians and photographers are all interested in observing animals in their primary activities. Although functionally similar, primary activities are performed differently by each species and slightly differently by each individual.

Beside primary activities there are also "interactive" ones: Giving birth, taking care of the young, social cooperation and conflict, etc. Each of these activities form a separate study, chapter or a photograph. Each new study, documentary or photograph tries to document new or unseen variations in behavior or activity.

Science and knowledge begin with "curiosity" of what is observed or experienced. Unfortunately, most of us are selectively curious about certain observations while disregarding others. Just as "conflict" would make better TV entertainment than someone dining, the above photograph would invoke more curiosity if the subject was conflict. But it is! Think about the fish!
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