Prison Art / Apathy

Prison Art - Apathy

Taken at the The Eastern State Penitentiary. While touring the historic prison, a tour guide showed us various "marks" left by inmates and this piece of prison art over a cell door. She explained that, although it was banned, inmates personalized their cells with art and decorations. Unfortunately many pieces left behind had either been removed or had succumbed to decay. She thought that this particular one might have had a religions meaning or might have been painted to ward of evil; much like the concept of Evil Eye that exists in many cultures.

Evil Eye Apathy is defined as the absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement. Many of us can be selectively apathetic about many things, but, if we have become apathetic about the things that matter, then we have imprisoned ourselves in a prison much worse than the Eastern State. If a society is apathetic about things that matter then it is bound to decline. Naturally, the key question is, what truly matters?
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