Vote For Pedro!

Vote For Pedro!

Where is Pedro? These days it is hard to avoid politics and disregard the situation on main street: 1 in 6 Americans are living in poverty. 46 million are on food stamps. 50 million are uninsured. Unemployment is at 16.6%. Rate of increase in income inequality is troubling...

With a job approval of 15%, the Congress is pretty much out of touch. The President has been eternally looking for his cojones. The republican presidential candidates have so far been an insult to common sense. The news media is increasingly engaged in yellow journalism... All of this while we are desolately waiting for Pedro to show us the way? Unfortunately, many of us are suffering from Stockholm syndrome; we are expressing empathy for our captors who are slowly taking away our fundamental freedoms.

Corporate influence in politics and media has reached new peaks. Corporations receive bailouts, ship jobs overseas, and pay a small fraction of their profits in taxes. They have become too big to "disregard". When it comes to corporations, there is no difference between Republicans or Democrats, no difference between so-called elected leaders or despot kings.

For those that are unfamiliar, Pedro is a character in Napoleon Dynamite. Vote for Pedro!

Some Occupy Wall Street photos.
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