I Am Bathed In Afterthought / L'Esprit d'Escalier

I Am Bathed In Afterthought - L'Esprit d'Escalier

This note was hanging by the door of an artist's studio in Long Island City during the Reis Open Studios event earlier this year. I'm also often "bathed in afterthought", actually, in my case it is usually more like being bathed in l'esprit d'escalier. Please check out more of Paul Moreno's work on his website.

A neighbor comes to Hoca Nasreddin's house to ask if he could borrow his donkey for the day. Hoca, not feeling so charitable at the time, tells his neighbor that he lent his donkey to someone else. Just then the donkey brays loudly. The neighbor, understandably upset, tells Hoca that he should be ashamed for lying. Hoca indignantly answers: "Who are you going to believe, a donkey or your mullah?" The Hoca obviously never suffered from staircase wit.

Song of the Day: Never Before - Cold Chisel (1980)
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