Hoca Nasreddin

Hoca Nasreddin

Tired of the travel photos yet? I didn't realize how many pictures I had taken during my short visit to Turkey.

Nasreddin Hoca is an Anatolian Seljuq satirical Sufi personality that is believed to have lived in Central Anatolia in the 13th century. He is a populist philosopher and a wise man remembered for his funny stories. Over generations, Nasreddin Hoca has been the outlet and voice of stories with anecdotal wisdom, with new stories continually added to his corpus.

The statue of the Hoca "riding the donkey backwards" is very common throughout Turkey. When asked "why are you are sitting on your donkey backwards?", Hoca Nasreddin replies: "I'm not sitting on the donkey backwards, it's facing the wrong way".

A man asks, "Tell me, Hoca, if true wisdom is supposed to take one path, how come everyone's moving in a different direction?" Hoca answers: "Son, if everyone moved in the same direction, the Earth would've been thrown off balance".

I'll try to add some more Nasreddin Hoca stories to future posts.

Song of the Day: Anlatamam Derdimi Dertsiz Insana - Asik Veysel (1964)
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