Mirror Box Head

Mirror Box Head

This guy was walking around Union Square with a mirror box over his head. I'm not sure about his message - most probably something like "I'm a reflection of you".

Phantom Limb Syndrome is a sensation felt by 60 to 80% of amputees where they feel itching, twitching and pain in their missing limb. To treat Phantom Limb Syndrome, therapist use Mirror Box Therapy. Quoting the Wikipedia article on the subject "In a mirror box the patient places the good limb into one side, and the stump into the other. The patient then looks into the mirror on the side with good limb and makes "mirror symmetric" movements, as a symphony conductor might, or as we do when we clap our hands. Because the subject is seeing the reflected image of the good hand moving, it appears as if the phantom limb is also moving. Through the use of this artificial visual feedback it becomes possible for the patient to "move" the phantom limb, and to unclench it from potentially painful positions". It works, but we don't exactly understand why...

Song of the Day: I, You, He, She, We - Rumi / Coleman Barks (2009)
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