American Values - The Other Set

American Values - The Other Set

I had posted another version of this photo a while back. It's relevant in a new way.

The two "virtue concepts" of Americanism are American exceptionalism and American values. Politicians go on and on about "our values" ad nauseam. But what really are "our values"? Supposedly they are, individualism, control of ones destiny, change, pragmatism, honesty, hard work ethic, egalitarianism, privacy, competition, free enterprise, freedom etc. But there is a second set of rarely talked about "values" we Americans live by; love of money, [monetary] success at any expense, hustling, swindling, deception, violence and as Donald Trump recently put it "getting what you have to have". Just ask the Native Americans about our "American values". We unilaterally broke over 500 treaties and agreements we signed with them.
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