Occupy Philadelphia: Free Hugs

Occupy Philadelphia: Free Hugs

I did get a hug after taking this photograph.

Whether you view the Occupy Movement as a bunch of unemployed hippies or the voice against social inequality and corporate greed, one thing for sure, they have changed policy conversation, enough so that lobbying firms are coming up with strategies for publicity blitzes against the movement. Corporations will probably end up paying millions of dollars to discredit the ideas that the movement puts out, as they have been doing for decades in influencing government policies.

Despite high unemployment and increasing poverty, last week's Black Friday proved to be one of the strongest shopping days in years. Are things not as bleak as the Occupy Movement make it out to be, or, are people suffering from the Zombie Syndrome that I wrote about couple of weeks ago? Does pepper spraying other shoppers to buy a discounted Xbox indicate something?

In the recent years, almost everyone that I have spoken to from all walks of life, have at one point uttered their grievances against the current economical situation, corporate bullying or the ineffectiveness of the government. Despite that, most people are not fighters; They either think that they themselves are somewhat immune to this deterioration, or, they believe that these problems are for someone else to solve. And therein lies the problem.

Things are truly getting bleak. Please take 25 minutes to view the very insightful BBC interview with Economist Steve Keen: "Another Great Depression is all but inevitable".

Quoting Benjamin Franklin once again: "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety". These two guys giving free hugs wearing their Guy Fawkes masks are actually fighting for their liberties. If you do not see the connection, Benjamin Franklin himself was a busker who performed songs and poetry on the street, drawing attention to the political situation of his era.

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