Occupy Wall Street: #N17, Guy Fawkes on Brooklyn Bridge

Occupy Wall Street: #N17, Guy Fawkes on Brooklyn Bridge

On November 17, two days after they were evicted from Liberty Square, Occupy Wall Street held numerous protests throughout the city. The NYPD estimated over 32,000 protesters were on the ground. It seems like the eviction has only strengthened the movement.

Propaganda of numbers: While the NYPD was conveying widespread participation, the New York Daily News ran an article at the end of the day suggesting the movements dwindling numbers. I photographed the Brooklyn Bridge rally in the evening. Although I didn't count, the protesters turned out in significant numbers. Media bias is alive and well! Objectivity is supposed to be a core principle of journalism, but many journalists these days follow the money or the recognition. It is also ever-amusing to see journalist deny their bias.

The Guy Fawkes Mask has become a popular symbol of rebellion against tyranny, especially since it was used in the 2006 film adaptation of the 1980's comic book V for Vendetta. In the comic book, the mask was illustrated by British comics artist David Lloyd. The mask was adapted by the international hacker group Anonymous during the 2008 Scientology versus the Internet disputes.

Guy Fawkes was the trigger man of the failed Gunpowder Plot against King James I of England, in 1605. He was captured and tortured, and he killed himself moments before his execution. The comic book inverted Fawkes' image, from a traitor to a hero fighting an unjust state.

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