Male Northern Pintail / The Paradox of Plenty

Male Northern Pintail - The Paradox of Plenty

The Northern Pintail is a widely occurring, strongly migratory duck. The male pictured above has a distinct chocolate brown head and a long pointed tail. It is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and winters south as far as the Equator.

Some birds are caged because they look or sound beautiful. Some are exterminated because their plumes make great hats. Some are hunted because they taste good. Others are mistakenly hunted because they resemble those that taste good. The Northern Pintail's only fault is that it is a fast and agile duck that entertains and challenges game hunters. *

The same is true for humanity. If you take a look at a World Map, you will see that wherever natural resources are concentrated, there is greater conflict or tyranny. The natives are kept in perpetual conflict and suffering while a select few exploit these resources. Oil in the Middle East. Diamonds in Central and South Africa. Coltan in Congo... They call this "The Paradox of Plenty".

Humanity is like a habitual gambler that gambles away her allocated tax money on the week that it is due. There are dire consequences. As Benjamin Franklin so eloquently put it: "Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes".
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