Male Northern Shoveler / Moral of the Story

Male Northern Shoveler - Moral of the Story

It is somewhat fortunate for the Northern Shoveler, a.k.a. Spoony, that it does not taste so good. Northern Shovelers are game birds. Many are hunted unintentionally due to their resemblance to other dabblers. Northern Shovelers are also known as "neighbor's mallards" because hunters often give them to their neighbors and keep the more tasty mallards. Hmmm! The Golden Rule?

The Northern Shoveler is one of the most distinctive of the dabbling ducks. It has an elongated spatulate bill with comb-like edges to filter out food from the water. Its diet consists mostly of small aquatic invertebrates and seeds of aquatic plants.

I guess the moral of this story is, if you taste good, your life will likely be short! If you don't taste good, try to differentiate yourself so that you aren't mistaken for the one that tastes good.
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