The Great Egret / Hat Makers

The Great Egret - Hat Makers

I have posted a number of Great Egret photos but have never actually written about them.

The Great Egret is a large white Heron that is found in southern Canada to Argentina, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Egrets and Herons are more biologically similar than their appearance suggests, but during the 19th and early 20h Centuries, Egrets were more unfortunate than Herons because of their beautiful white plumes; The demand by Hat Makers to decorate hats almost drove them to extinction. Great egrets are found near salt of fresh water, and generally feed on fish.

In an earlier post, quoting the great Sufi poet Rumi, I had written about how beauty can lead to captivity. We can add that it may also lead to destruction. And, expanding on the Oscar Wilde quote from a previous post: "Fashion... not unfrequently violates every law of health, every principle of hygiene", it can also lead to the extinction of species; even possibly our own.
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