Given Enough Time, Gravity Will Always Win!

Given Enough Time, Gravity Will Always Win!

Yet another uneventful Judgement Day went by. No need to worry, given enough time, all good things will come to an end.

The mind "knows" that the car is going to land, hence motion is implied in this still.

"Given enough time, gravity will always win" might be true for certain body parts and things on earth, but it turns out that it might not be true for the physical universe. Physicists are continuing to try to determine an accurate value for the Hubble constant which in turn will determine the ultimate fate of the Universe. If it turns out that the universe is closed, gravity will indeed win and the universe will collapse back onto itself (The Big Crunch). If the universe is open, then it will continue expanding in an accelerating way. If flat, it will continue to expand but in a decelerating way. Current observations seem to suggest that the universe is expanding in an accelerated way, hence the Big Crunch does not seem likely. And we are worried about the brand of the car we drive!
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