Least Bittern

Least Bittern

It's Judgement Day today!

The Least Bittern, although relatively common, is a well camouflaged bird that is hard to spot. It is the smallest heron in North America. Least Bitterns prefer marshes with dense vegetation and their cryptic coloration and stealthy movements keep them hidden from prying eyes.

To this day I am impressed by the awareness level of experienced birdwatchers who outdo most of us photographers by pointing out the critters we miss. On this particular day, a birder couple walking about 30 yards in front of me steered me towards the critters that I did not see on a number of occasions. Further down the trail, I "felt" something on the other side of the marsh, turned my camera toward it and managed to get this single frame. Before I could call them back, the Bittern was gone...

If you miss it, it's gone forever!
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