The information that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) collects on you, including all sites you visit, when you visit them, etc., is no longer "your data", it is owned by your ISP to do whatever it pleases to do with it, including selling it to third parties and sharing it with its "partners". The bill, overturning Obama-era Internet privacy rules enforced by the FCC, recently passed both houses of Congress and is expected to be signed by President Trump in the coming days.

If democracy is the rule of the people, or it is the rule by the will of majority, then this bill is a complete farce. I don't think you could find one American citizen who is OK with surrendering their online privacy to ISP's so that they make money on it and surrendering their personal data to government(s) without the need for warrants. This bill is wrong at so many levels.

And the "fake media" is outright lying about it. Many media outlets are repeating the lie that your ISP has access to you browser history, therefore you can protect yourself by regularly deleting your history. "National correspondent" for MSNBC Joy-Ann Reid tweeted "...Delete your browsing history daily. Or hourly". Of course that's not how it works. As long as you're on the network of your ISP, they don't need access to your browsing history to build a full profile of "every" site you visited - you're going through their routers...
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