Blown Dirt

Blown Dirt

Portraying a sense of motion in motorsports photography can be tricky. In most photographs, that sense comes from directional blurring (panning). Photos that challenge our sense of gravity, for example a vehicle in the air, also work. Another shot that works is the capture of the after-effects of motion (in this case dirt.)

Shot at the 2009 Black River Stages Rally, this is a twist on the "dirt left behind" shot. After visualizing how "blowing the highlights on the dirt" might look, I moved between five-six spots before I decided on this position. I tried the same effect again on a few other rallies but was not really successful.

There are tried and tested approaches and perspectives for most sports photography, and coming out of your comfort zone might guarantee that you go home without any images... But sometimes they work. Much like other things in life!
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