Philly Zombie Crawl, 2015

Philly Zombie Crawl, 2015

A portrait from this year's Philly Zombie Crawl.

Undead, mindless and reanimated. Nowadays, that is more a depiction of the "living" than it is of zombies. Does a zombie know that it is a zombie? A traditional characteristic of zombies is that they stay under the control of their "sorcerers" as their personal slaves, since they have no will of their own. Then, how can you be sure that you are not a zombie?

Many of our assumptions about the world are not conscious. They are subliminally communicated to us by society, by television and by popular culture. In the emerging globalized capitalist world, corporations promote lifestyles rooted in consumption. Advertising is not just about this product or that product, it is about altering the way we "see" the world. We mindlessly buy into all of this. Any alternative is "too depressing" for us to consider. We go to work and find ways to entertain ourselves - that's it. For the most part, we are ignorant of all that truly matters to us and to the future of humanity.
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