Meditate Until There Is No Mind

Meditate Until There Is No Mind

This is an odd bit of marker-pen graffiti to scribble on a wall?

Experiences and concepts such as "sushin no shin", "the mind without mind" of Zen Buddhism, or "wei wu wei", "action without action" of Taoism are still foreign to most of us in the West. These "states of mind" cannot be actively pursued, instead they have to be "cultivated". And the most common method of cultivation is some form of meditation.

In the West, we pride ourselves with our thoughts and rationality. In Eastern traditions, thoughts and emotions are considered to be a distraction from "true experience". Receptiveness, openness and impartiality are hindered by "the mind". "No mind" is the state of unbiased attention to the current moment, letting go of cycles of thoughts and images about the past or the future.

Someone said, "Why is that so special. It's just focus?" Well, it is not "just focus". Even if it were, how many people are genuinely capable of focusing at will or when the situation really requires it? Maybe some might disagree with me, but "no mind" is not the goal, it's a means - it could be thought of as a necessary skill. In religious terms, it is a means to reach The Truth. A first step towards the union of Atman and Brahman. Needless to say, "no mind" can be useful in everyday activities, but unlike the way it is presented in Samurai movies, it is not about turning killing into an art-form, or bankrupting you business competitor "effortlessly".
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