Don't Let Bureaucrats Tell You What...

Don't Let Bureaucrats Tell You What...

The Totalitarian Principle of Quantum Mechanics states that: "Everything not forbidden is compulsory". Although physicist Murray Gell-Mann used this expression to describe a feature of particle interactions in Quantum Mechanics, the so-called free societies we live in seem to be heading the way of "everything not forbidden is compulsory". The latest such attempt came from the New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg who passed legislation to ban "large" sugary drinks. Thankfully The Soda Ban was invalidated in the last minute by a state Supreme Court judge.

A society needs laws and rules to ensure that life, property, sexuality, the mind and freedom to self-realize are protected, and not forcibly seized. None of these can be traded for another! Any other laws or rules outside the scope of these can only be unenforceable conventions or social contracts. Take for example, the soda company that went to the trouble of putting the above advertisement on its distribution truck. If their advertisements to sell their products relies on psychological advertising techniques which deceive the mind, then these techniques should be banned, not the soda itself. Any opinions?

Song of the Day: Sugar Walls - Sheena Easton (1984)
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