Yankees Fan / Identity

Yankees Fan - Identity

The top five most popular sports teams in the world are, Manchester United, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Real Madrid and Green Bay Packers. Until recent years, it was suspected that many die-hard fans were lonely and alienated people but new studies suggest that sports fans suffer fewer bouts of depression and alienation than those who are uninterested in sports.

The word fan is derived from the latin fanaticus, which means divinely inspired, enthusiastic, mad or frantic. Accordingly, research indicates that a for a fan, "it's not just a game" but inspiration through identity, a way to develop self esteem and a sense of belonging, escapism, and a way to induce various emotions like euphoria, dejection, and stress to break the routine of daily life. I guess for those exact reasons, I am uninterested in sports.

In a world where social and psychological identity is not only regarded as normal, but also something to strive for, I consider identity to be futile, full of pitfalls, and detrimental to spiritual development. When meaning, identity and income are married to the same system, the bondage of the "unholy trinity" is sealed. Nations, orthodox religions and cults do exactly that at some level or another. They establish homogenous (and acceptable) identity templates, provide an assumed meaning of life and persuade members that their livelihood or well-being depends on them. Once this is achieved, the individual will blindly work and/or defend the nation, religion or cult he or she identifies with. Only by letting go of all identity, can one find their true identity.

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