Occupy May Day 2013: Giving A Damn

Occupy May Day 2013: Giving A Damn

Why give a damn? Once you break through the ignorance, and begin to understand what defines the future of man, priorities begin to change quickly. To raise a family, to build a career, simply to live, we need clean air, water, food. We depend on our environment. Without it, there can be no family, job, life. We grossly underestimate how fragile we are.

Bringing up issues such as the environment, climate change, the inevitable collapse of the global economy draws rather odd reactions; People who bring these fundamental issues forward are accused of fear mongering, fake prophecies and craziness. You wouldn't know it by following the mainsteam media, but actually, many academics and scientist have been ringing "alarm bells" for some time now. Case in point, in a dialogue with Jiddu Krishnamurti, one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century David Bohm implied that he "would not go into science again ... because science does not seem to be relevant to this crisis".

Sometimes I wonder how many people actually give a damn; What percentage of the population? Ignorance is bliss after all? These Occupy events give me some hope. There are actually a lot of people who do give a damn; They just don't know where to start. Where do we start?

Song of the Day: Tomorrow's Dream - Black Sabbath (1972)
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