Willet / Species Need Each Other

Willet - Species Need Each Other

The Willet is a large American sandpiper that mainly eats insects, crustaceans and marine worms. It has black and white stripes on its wings that are visible only in flight. It can be very territorial and aggressive in defending its nesting and feeding sites.

In the early 20th Century, Willets were extirpated from most of their East Coast range due to hunting. By 1910 they were very rare north of Virginia. With the enactment of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, the Willet population recovered and they reappeared in New Jersey in the 1950's, New York in the 1960's...

Species need each other! Most of us do not understand the importance of Biodiversity. Human existence is extremely fragile. It is dependent on very specific atmospheric and environmental conditions. The diversity of plants, animals and ecosystems "keep the balance" we have evolved to be accustomed to. In the last couple of centuries, human activity has been responsible for the rapid loss of biodiversity. If we continue to wipe out species at the rate we do, we risk triggering irreversible chain reactions, climate and atmospheric changes leading possibly to our own extinction. All living creatures collectively provide us our habitable world. Let's take care of them.
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