Occupy May Day 2013: "Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport"

Occupy May Day 2013: Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport

In support of worker and immigrant rights, Occupy Wall Street joined May Day demonstrations yesterday. A sizable crowd marched from Union Square to City Hall.

"Democracy is not a spectator sport". What I'm realizing in the recent years is that it's becoming a "professional sport". Given that we have to sort through vast amounts of information pollution, misinformation and disinformation, it is very difficult to be a "well informed citizen". Additionally, the status quo prefers uninformed citizenry. More and more effort is required to separate fact from fad, and the less time we have in a fast-moving world - that is one serious catch-22. For many, life is reduced to work and sleep, and what little time we have for ourselves is spent with undoing the stress of work in front of the TV or on the computer. We simply don't have time to accurately research global warming, corruption, or a plethora of issues we will face within one or two generations. Maybe that's why I'm becoming increasingly cynical each and every passing day. We need a Black Swan moment.

I have a younger friend who recently graduated from law school. Jobs for lawyers are scarce these days. Although he's somewhat interested in social issues, he has little time. Given the choice of paying back his student loans and building his life, or, informing himself, he is going to choose the prior. Unfortunately, a choice forced on almost everybody these days.

Song of the Day: Eat The Rich - Motorhead (1987)
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