Occupy Wall Street: We Will Not Be Silent / "God Works in Mysterious Ways"

Occupy Wall Street: We Will Not Be Silent - God Works in Mysterious Ways

"God works in mysterious ways"! One of the most crucial issues repeatedly highlighted by Occupy protestors was global warming and climate change. They were angered by the apathy and the lack of will exhibited by world authorities in the face of an impending environmental disaster and possibly omnicide. They did their best, they were not silent, but their roars fell on deaf ears.

While scientific evidence is mounting acceleratedly, the 2012 presidential candidates, to their shame, chose to ignore climate change altogether - an issue that was debated in all presidential campaigns since the 1988 race. With Hurricane Sandy death toll now topping 70, and billions of dollars worth of destruction, it is difficult to find something positive in this tragedy. Although there is no scientifically proven link between individual hurricanes and global warming, many people I have spoken to in the few days since Hurricane Sandy readily expressed their concerns about climate change. "What if climate change is real?" is now a question in the minds of millions of people affected by the storm.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to remind us about what is truly important for our common future. Maybe Hurricane Sandy accomplished what Occupy protestors couldn't, despite all their efforts: It sounded a wake-up-call to those who didn't listen. Maybe many of us will voice our demands until someone listens and acts. You can't evict an idea whose time has come. You can not ignore a fact that stands before your own two eyes. The time to tackle climate change has long arrived. Our only hope is that we are not too late...

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