Occupy Turkey: Fuck The Government!?

Occupy Turkey: Fuck The Government!?

This was photographed in Izmir, Turkey; Not in the U.S.A., England, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. Not in an English speaking country? I guess maybe because anarchism is universal?

Can we do away with government? After all, governments, like most other institutions, eventually gravitate towards favoritism, corruption, waste, militarization, and eventually totalitarianism. In the eyes of most anarchists, government, especially large and centralized governments are the problem. And it is not easy to dismiss or disprove them. In serious arguments, those defending government usually acknowledge that, "government is a necessary evil, alternatives are worst".

On a philosophical level, the idea of owning, ownership, private ownership, is what brings forth government and governance, and with it corruption and injustice. Who "owns" the land, the seas, and the air? Government does not answer this fundamental philosophical question, but attempts to legitimize and rationalize the "owners" - and therein lies the problem. Many indigenous cultures knew better; The land, the seas, the rivers and the sky are only entrusted to us who are alive to pass on to future generations. They believed that each and every human being was both a beneficiary and a custodian of earth. No human being "owned" anything.

Once humanity departed from this worldview, we had no choice but to acknowledge the need for government and governance. What we "own" has to be protected, otherwise it will be taken away from us. And the quicker we organize, civilize and pillage, the better we can "secure" what we "own". Ultimately, this insanity is what is sure to bring omnicide. But life goes on. For now.

So the question remains unanswered; Should we fuck the government? The answer is a spiritual one. Without a global spiritual transformation recognizing our role as both the beneficiary and the custodian of earth - not owners - we can not say good riddance to governments. And without this transformation we are doomed thanks to an international pissing contest.
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