Occupy National Gathering: Defending the Occupy Tent

Occupy National Gathering: Defending the Occupy Tent

Occupy National Gathering kicked off on June 30 with a day of introductions and workshops. In the afternoon, protestors marched through the streets around Independence Mall and gathered in Second Court Park, just blocks away from the mall. After they were intimidated by National Parks Police, some protestors decided to put up a tent. This lead to a confrontation between the police and the protestors, which resulted in the arrest of one protestor.

A number of activists I spoke to complained about the lack of organization and negative attitude towards the police within the movement, while reiterating their solidarity. Police on the other hand have the same problem; my experience has been that, while most officers are cool-minded, there are a number of bullies among them. If you watch the arrest video (01:35), it is pretty clear that the arrested protestor was unduly assaulted by the officer.

More Occupy photos.


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