Occupy National Gathering: How is The War Economy Working For You?

Occupy National Gathering: How is The War Economy Working For You?

The Occupy movement has been convening in Philadelphia for the Occupy National Gathering 2012 event between June 30 and July 4, for a week of direct action, movement building, and the creation of a vision for a democratic future. On the first day of the event, Philadelphia police and park rangers surrounded the occupiers in a federal park, and arrested at least one person. The above photo is from the second day of the gathering.

How is the war economy working for you? One of the goals of the Occupy Movement is to build a global, inclusive future beyond neocolonialism and war economies. People have dismissed these ideas as being too utopian, but, we have no choice but to move in this direction if we want a sustainable future. We can not continue to exploit people and the environment with impunity. Unlike any time in history before us, we have the capability to destroy the world over, and we are facing an environmental crisis of biblical proportions. Suppressing these ideas, and the intellectuals and movements who present these ideas, do not make our problems go away. So the question of our lifetime should be, what kind of a future do we want?

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Song of the Day: When The War Is Over - Cold Chisel (1982)
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