Occupy National Gathering: Chris Hedges

Occupy National Gathering: Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, former war correspondent, and author with a very impressive resume. He writes a regular column on Truthdig. Here, he is pictured during a speech at the Occupy National Gathering last Sunday.

Power preys on ignorance! A number of earlier posts took on the subject of my discontent with the mainstream news media. Beside the misinformation and disinformation spewed out by the media, we are facing an information overload; It is becoming increasingly difficult for us to filter worthwhile information - to separate fact from fad. Governments, power structures, corporations and industrious crooks are taking advantage of our ignorance to further their goals. Those of us who think and care, are finding that we do not even have a vocabulary to organize our thoughts.

Chris Hedges is one of those rare intellectuals who provides us with both a vocabulary and an effective summary of world affairs, that is absent in the mainstream media. Where most other intellectuals self-censor and hide behind careerism, he goes beyond the kitsch to offer us a world view that is not sanitized. His appearance on C-SPAN, Book TV's "In Depth" program, is highly informative.

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