Occupy Philadelphia: Stop The War On The World

Occupy Philadelphia: Stop The War On The World

Update: Occupy Philadelphia was forced out of Dilworth Plaza early this morning.

A deadline was set for Occupy Philadelphia to leave Dilworth Plaza by 5pm last Sunday. The protesters held a peaceful demonstration that attracted hundreds. Although the police presence was heavier than usual, the protestors were not asked to leave.

Just before the 5pm deadline, The Liberate Philadelphia Tea Party group showed up, attempting to hold a press conference at the Occupy Philadelphia site. They were removed by the police after the protestors shouted them down. The Occupy Movement has a broader and more global message than the Tea Party Movement which focuses on issues related to the U.S. government.

The Occupy Movement is one of the first global movements in reaction to globalization. Unlike other movements of the past, including the Tea Party Movement, the message of the Occupy Movement is inclusive; It sees the world financial system as an interlinked single entity that effects not only people in the United States, but people all over the world. It also criticizes some of the policies of the U.S. as a global superpower. While many of the Occupy protestors are not against capitalism, they are critical of the way it is implemented and the way it is hijacked by the few. They see politicians as conformists who maintain the status quo for the benefit of the few, rather than as leaders who work for the welfare of the majority. Their message of inclusiveness, a better future for all of humanity in a fast integrating world, is a powerful one.

Even if the Occupy Movement does not survive with its current name, economic tyranny will be increasingly resisted by the oppressed who are informed and educated. The current economical and political status quo can not be maintained.

More Occupy photos.
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