Zombie Jack Sparrow

Zombie Jack Sparrow

Yet another shot from the 2012 Philly Zombie Crawl.

Although I never watched any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, this portrayal of "Jack Sparrow" was pretty convincing - complete with the attitude.

This shot really pushed the limits of my camera (ISO 8000). In an earlier post, I explained why I chose not to use a flash for the night shots. Someone who read that post asked me why I didn't shoot wide open at f/1.4, but rather chose f/2.0 - that would have also halved the ISO setting. The answer should be obvious, shallow depth of field. Since the subjects were constantly moving, at f/1.4 any focus errors would have yielded unusable shots. At f/2.0 that extra inch of depth of field really helps. Check out his eyes.

Song of the Day: Burn In Hell - Judas Priest (1997)
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