Will Cook For Sex / Traditional Family No More

Will Cook For Sex - Traditional Family No More

This apron was spotted in front of a kitchen store on Philadelphia's Walnut Street.

Did you know that, despite what you see on television, only about 7 percent of US households are regarded as traditional families; i.e., married couples with children where only the husband works. One reason for this is high divorce rates. The other reason is financial; The U.S. ranks 8th in the world for the highest ratio of working mothers (61 percent). Not only are we working longer hours and earning less, even dual-income families are going broke...

Cooking, cleaning and raising children were traditionally handled by women. These days, with both partners at work, these roles are not clear cut anymore. Fewer women cook, or have the time to. Most men still don't know how to cook, but with a little motivation, getting them to cook might beat ordering Chinese or Italian - again.

Song of the Day: That's Amore - Dean Martin (1953)
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