Occupy Philadelphia: The Portrait / Income Inequality

Occupy Philadelphia: The Portrait - Income Inequality

The Occupy movement has already succeeded in changing the conversation by raising numerous issues that were commonly omitted by the mainstream media. Ever since Occupy groups have been evicted from their encampments, the movement has lost some of its exposure. The Occupy encampments were functional in bringing people from all walks together to discuss various issues and exchange ideas. And of course, many photograph worthy moments...

Although the lack of coverage in the media would lead us to believe that the movement is over, this is simply not true; The movement is hard at work, preparing new strategies for the upcoming spring. Many who criticize Occupy have not considered the key issues raised by the movement with any depth. Topping the issue list is the growing income disparity. You may be wondering, especially if you are reasonably well-off, why you should care. Why should you care?

Income inequality is growing in the U.S. Those of us with middle incomes are finding ourselves increasingly vulnerable. We are working harder than ever, earning less, paying more and more for education, having difficulty finding jobs, and struggling with rising healthcare costs. Working people are paying high taxes, often higher than the rich, while our tax dollars are being handed to the Military-Industrial Complex to fund questionable wars. Income inequality is not just the problem of the poor, it threatens the economic and social stability of the whole nation.

During his December 06, 2011 Kansas speech, President Obama made a reference to the Occupy movement and stated that "When middle class families can no longer afford to buy the goods and services that businesses are selling, it drags down the entire economy, from top to bottom". It is election year after all.

More Occupy photos.

"...And you think you're so clever and class less and free..."

Song of the Day: Working Class Hero - John Lennon (1970)
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