Cell Phone Memento

Cell Phone Memento

Photographs are tokens of remembrance. Some iconic photographs like the Earthrise introduce us to worlds, experiences, events or emotions that are, more often than not, beyond our reach. They leave an impression on us. But most photographs we take are nothing but mementos. They are reminders of the things we've seen, the places we've been to, the people we have met. Their meaning is often hidden to everyone but ourselves.

In the recent years, we are increasingly using our cell phones to take our keepsake photos. After all, it is nearly impossible to carry a large camera everywhere that we go. One of the first photos of the 2009 US Airways plane crash, the "Miracle On The Hudson", was taken on a cell phone and posted online before the news media had even arrived at the scene...

This photograph of the cell phone photographer was taken in DUMBO. She was snapping a picture of Manhattan Bridge.

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