How Bad Is It?

How Bad Is It?

Healthy snacks on the go, New York style.

Most people I talk to call me a pessimist. If pessimism is defined as "the tendency to anticipate, or emphasize only bad or undesirable outcomes or results" then I'm not a pessimist by any definition of the word. I barely give a fuck about "outcomes". I mostly blab on and on about how screwed up things are already, "here and now". And yes, things are bound to get worst in the future unless there is a fundamental change in how we see the world.

If you are one of those who can not see that things are pretty bad "here and now", and if you regularly click your heels together three times and repeat "life is good", then you are the one in need of therapy for delusional disorder. The idea that you can "positive think" your way out of "dire straits" is really really bad advice.

Song of the Day: Telegraph Road - Dire Straits (1982)
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