What makes beautiful, beautiful? Is there a true essence to beauty? Or, is beauty just subjective, a matter of taste? Or, is it nothing but meme?

We all experience that indescribable sensation during some perfect sunsets. We momentarily find ourselves in a sensory and emotional nirvana, oblivious to pain, worry, and the external world: A feeling of emptiness, more beautiful than existence. And then, when we snap out of our sunset hypnosis, we use the word "beautiful" to describe our new dress, or our car... Clearly a beautiful dress and a beautiful sunset can not both simply be "beautiful". Do you still like your beautiful dresses from the 80's?

OK. Maybe it was unfair to compare timelessness with trendy beauty. It is argued that taste and beauty trends emerge due to "distinction and imitation"; To elevate their social status, some attempt to distinguish themselves, while others try to imitate them. In this never ending process of distinction and imitation, what is regarded as "beautiful" constantly changes.

I'm not sure that today's photograph is beautiful. But, thousands of Snow Geese taking to the air together is nothing short of beautiful.

Song of the Day: Twist In My Sobriety - Tanita Tikaram (1988)
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