Occupy The Dream: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Occupy The Dream: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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Occupy the Dream, held January 16 on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, was a national day of action coordinated between the African-American faith community and the Occupy Movement. The event called for a march to the local Federal Reserve Bank in the locations it was held. This photo was taken in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

When Martin Luther King, Jr.'s name comes up in a discussion, I am regularly baffled by how little people know about his views and his legacy. Although he is most recognized for his role in the African-American Civil Rights Movement, his influence has spanned the civil rights movements around the world and continues to do so. In the years between his famous 1963, I Have A Dream speech, and his assassination on April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King refocused his efforts on economic injustice, ending poverty and stopping the Vietnam War. At the time of his death, his stances on the need for fundamental changes in political and economic life, the ills of capitalism, and his critique of American foreign policy were attracting the attention of a diverse audience.

Since their evictions from their encampments around the United States, the Occupy Movement has been teaming up with various organizations. The movement continues to approach issues in a global way, adheres to the principle of nonviolence and remains as a leaderless resistance.

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Song of the Day: It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) - Duke Ellington (1943)
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