Inanity has to be word of the times. Especially in the last twenty or so years, everything is being dumbed down; Culture, speech, education, news, movies, books, music... I'm not sure if it's due to obscurantism or the advent of the Internet, or both. Most people are simply clueless.

Take for example, popular music. How silly has it become. A recent study validates my point. The "lyric intelligence" of chart topping Billboard Pop, Country, Rock, and R&B/Hip-Hop songs has fallen from a little over third-grade level to a little under third-grade level in the last ten years. Third-grade level! For comparison, the page you're reading is about ninth-grade level.

Maybe Don McLean has the answer. In a recent BBC interview he explained why he thinks "The music business as we knew it is dead": "An artist should be more than an entertainer. An artist should be a person who has a conscience, who speaks out about things ... Anyone who is really contrary, who says something, that is really truthful and goes against certain things is going to find themselves blacklisted".

I don't know "The day the music died", but it was likely sometime in the early 90's.

Song of the Day: American Pie - Don McLean (1971)
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