The Banality of Life

The Banality of Life

When we are growing up, everything that we experience is either new or has a nuance. As we grow older, many things become repetitive. We begin sorting through our past experiences and develop ideas about the things that we think will qualify our lives. The dominant influences in our lives begin to shape our lives. We subconsciously give weight to some of our experiences and develop our value system, define what we believe to be good and bad. In the process, we become increasingly selective and subjective. Then the banality of life starts to creep in.

To overcome the banality that we experience, we constantly look for new ways to entertain ourselves. We set and reset our goals. We buy the latest gadgets, the newest iPhones, we drive the most exciting cars. We make new friends. So long as we keep ourselves engaged and entertained, the banality is enshrouded. When stop engaging, the banality resurfaces.

For kids, everything is exciting, fresh and original. In a world that offers infinite new experiences, new things to learn about, why do our experiences become banal? Is it because of flaws in our self-identity? Or, our selective curiosity? Our attachment to certain things? Our preoccupation with shaping our external image?

Life itself is not banal, the way we choose to experience it is.
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