Blind Sax Player / Vanity

Blind Sax Player - Vanity

Do you remember last years post of this saxophone player? That photo was taken two years ago. It's good to see that he is still playing on.

In an earlier post, I touched the subject of how our perception of people with disabilities has been changing over time, and how they expect us to accept them into our communities. Despite the progress, it is disturbing to see that many continue to treat them with indignity, and behave as if they are invisible. Without getting into why we behave this way, I want to state that people with disabilities truly inspire me.

In a world where vanity, the desire to be better than everyone else physically, socially, mentally, spiritually, and to let the world know it, has become the predominant emotion, slightest failures lead to nervous breakdowns for many. The stronger the vanity, the higher the likelihood of "feeling like a loser". On the other hand, people with disabilities, despite the hardship that they face, appreciate life more than most of us, and work harder to overcome the obstacles in their lives. They have accepted their limitations, they are past self-pity, and hence, stronger.

Song of the Day: Your Latest Trick - Dire Straits (1986)
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