"I Have No Desire To Walk On Water"

I Have No Desire To Walk On Water

One can come across tens of photoshoots around DUMBO daily. This one with a Lady Liberty theme attracted my attention. The model, the assistants and the photographers were all in the water, but they could hardly keep the candle burning long enough to get a few shots; Whenever she raised the candle, the flame went out.

The 1922 Hermann Hesse novel, "Siddhartha", is about the spiritual journey of an Indian boy named Siddhartha, who leaves home with his friend in search of enlightenment. They join various groups of ascetics, but Siddhartha can not find what he is seeking. When his friend tries to encourage him to stay on with the ascetics by telling him that he "would have soon learned to walk on water", Siddhartha replies: "I have no desire to walk on water", and moves on.

Accounts of Jesus walking on water appear in three Gospels. It is interpreted that this miracle was deliberately designed by Jesus to instruct his apostles and increase their faith. These days, if we see someone walking on water, would our faith, or, our skepticism grow? Would we think that it is a magic trick, some sort of a special effect, or, would we surrender in awe?

Existence itself is a miracle.
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