Violinist on South Street

Violinist on South Street

When I, and my canine house guest heard the vibrant sound coming from this violinist we walked straight up to him. We both listened earnestly for a few minutes and I grabbed this quick shot.

I recently purchased a relatively compact camera, the Olympus E-P3 with a 40mm equivalent pancake lens. This combination is great on the street. Not only is it easier to carry around, it does not intimidate subjects. My only complaint is that it has changed the way I shoot; it influences the scene. With the 40mm equivalent lens, I have to come in closer. When people become self conscious of being photographed, it takes some time for them to become comfortable enough to get a natural shot. In such instances, the timing is related to the subject forgetting the camera. For candid street shots, I still prefer the 85mm equivalent lenses.
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