Odin, Valknut, Triceps, Mistubishi

Odin, Valknut, Triceps, Mistubishi

This is another shot from the 2010 International Rally New York. I am hoping to shoot this event again next weekend.

I should probably have a new category named useless facts, for some of the things written here. But even seemingly useless facts could be an inspiration for other things...

Valknut The name Mitsubishi, coined by its founder in 1870, is a two part word that means "three water chestnuts". Water chestnuts resemble a "rhombus" shape and hence the logo. The identical Nordic diamond symbol is called a Triceps denoting divine power. Triceps is a lesser used version of the Valknut which is believed to be the symbol of the power to bind and unbind the minds of men in the battlefield by the god Odin in Norse mythology.

Everything starts (and ends) in the mind. Although that may or may not be technically true, conscious experience is a primary determinant in the quality of human life. Who or whatever controls your mind determines your resolve, your excitement, your fears, your fury and your freedom. Odin is the thing that binds or unbinds your mind; it is your religion, your personal philosophy, your friends, your government and the media. How much of your mind is truly yours?
  • It is the mind, that is the mind, confusing the mind.
  • Do not leave the mind, O mind, to the mind.
  • -- from "Family Traditions on the Art of War" by Yagyu Munenori
  • -- published in The Book of Five Rings translated by Thomas Cleary
[Tip for reading the passage: there are two minds]
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