"You Talkin' To Me?" / Cheap Guitar; Missing Strings

You Talkin' To Me? - Cheap Guitar; Missing Strings

While relaxing in Philadelphia's Washington Square Park, this friendly squirrel walked up to me, and gave me a stare. After he heard my shutter clicks, he stopped in a squirrel way as if to ask me "You talkin' to me?".

"You talkin' to me?" is a catchphrase delivered by the character played by Robert De Niro in the 1976 classic, Taxi Driver. Needless to say, if you haven't seen it, then you have missed one of De Niro's best performances.

The other day I spent a few hours on YouTube clicking through videos of ordinary people with amazing musical talents. There is so much talent in he world, yet only a handful of musicians, artists and thinkers, those that have won the lottery, are the ones we hear, see or read. Culture is increasingly defined by those that successfully promote the selected ones. Although the Internet is preserving the memory of current culture, globalization is eventually going to merge cultures into one big soup of subcultures.

Today's video is of a street musician from Botswana, playing a cheap guitar with missing strings. I could not find a title for the song.

Song of the Day: (Music From Botswana) - Ronnie Moipolai (2010)
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