Subaru, Sheriff, People, Subaru

Subaru, Sheriff, People, Subaru

This is the car driven by Matt Gottlieb/Austin Gager in the 2011 Rally New York event.

In an earlier post I had written about three basic ways to portray a sense of motion on photo stills; appealing to the sense of gravity, blurring the background by panning, and capturing the aftereffects of motion. Which one is this?

Including people in photographs can give images a sense of scale and/or distance. Additionally, it can add to (and sometimes take away from) the story. When a photograph has more than one central element, it can confuse the viewer, or it can diminish the impact of the image. When it has multiple elements (with a central element), the challenge is in bringing the viewer's attention back on the central element. If something in the photograph leads the eyes out of the frame, the viewer will move on.

In this image, the nearby out of focus branches and the snowline make a natural frame and aid in bringing the viewer's focus back to the central element, the Blue Subaru.
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