The Reason To Revolt

The Reason To Revolt

If you think the Occupy Movement is over, you haven't been paying attention to the news. It has become inevitable that we'll see many Occupy Wall Street like anti-capitalist movements all over the world. Capitalism is exponentially reaching its limits, threatening life itself, while politicians and economists are ignoring the dire reality and the urgency of the situation. Calls for a rational response are being ignored by the ruling classes.

We are at a kairos, a critical moment in time. And the words of Albert Camus couldn't be more significant: "Living is keeping the absurd alive. Keeping it alive is, above all, contemplating it. Unlike Eurydice, the absurd dies only when we turn away from it. One of the only coherent philosophical positions is thus revolt. It is a constant confrontation between man and his own obscurity. It is an insistence upon an impossible transparency. It challenges the world anew every second ... It is not aspiration, for it it devoid of hope. That revolt is the certainty of a crushing fate, without the resignation that ought to accompany it".
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