US Out Of The Middle East! No War On Iran [South Sudan]!

US Out Of The Middle East! No War On Iran [South Sudan]!

Last month, on November 24, Iran and P5+1 countries reached an interim agreement where Iran will curb its nuclear program in exchange for a decrease in sanctions. The sanctions have had a devastating effect on Iran. But the warmongering U.S. Congress is pushing back against the deal. We'll see how that plays out.

Remember the Paradox of Plenty - the plundering of poor nations with a wealth of material riches like gold, diamonds, oil and ores from tin to uranium. In 2011, with the "aid" of western nations, South Sudan was seperated from The Republic of Sudan. Needless to say, South Sudan has one of largest oil reserves in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the last few weeks, the country has fell into a state of violence. Same playbook! In no time U.S. Marines will enter to "secure" the country and its oil fields. It's the "Paradox of Plenty" at work again! If your country has "resources", it will either be immersed in conflict, like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or, be under the rule of West friendly dictators, much like most of the oil-rich Arab World.
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