Philly Zombie Crawl / Tolerance

Philly Zombie Crawl - Tolerance

The Philly Zombie Crawl is a zombie walk where enthusiasts dress up as Zombies and "crawl" between bars on South Street. It began as a vision of Philly bartender Melissa Torre and organizers Dave Ghoul and Robert Drake. The Philly Zombie Crawl is the first zombie event that it is held on Easter Sunday in celebration of "the world's most famous zombie", Jesus Christ.

The Philly Zombie Crawl may be offensive to some but the organizers have an interesting response on their FAQ page: Q) What's with this zombie Jesus thing? You know you're all going to hell for it, right? A) He came back from the dead (Acts 2:24). B) He encourages zombie behavior (John 6:53). That makes Jesus the perfect mascot for an Easter Day zombie event. And you're going to hell for not believing in Zombie Jesus. Take that ya freak.

We enjoy a certain level of tolerance in our pluralistic society that is not always matched around the world. The Philly Zombie Crawl is an event organized for entertainment, but another recent event, The Quran Burning Controversy, drew violent reactions in some places around the globe. Although the Quran Burning event was a publicity stunt and an intentional act of intimidation, events like it are possible because of our constitutionally guaranteed rights provided in the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion clauses of the First Amendment. We are far from perfect, but as a society we have made significant progress towards "Religious Tolerance".

2011-04-27 Update: Someone remarked, "he's too fat to be Jesus".
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