Dog Riding in the Basket

Dog Riding in the Basket

Not every photo has to be sharp. This one would have ended up in the recycle bin if sharpness was a criteria; I simply didn't have enough time to prepare and focus.

One day, a townsman notices Hoca Nasreddin on his knees under a street light, looking for something, and asks him, "Hoca, what did you lose?" Hoca explains that he lost his keys, and the townsman joins him in his search. After some time, the man asks Hoca, "Are you sure you lost your keys here?" Hoca answers, "I probably lost them back there". The man, understandably upset, asks him, "Then why are we searching here?" Hoca, self-assuredly answers, "Because there's light here".

The news and videos of the The Great Russian Meteor of last Friday, overshadowed the much larger Asteroid 2012 DA14 which went whizzing past later on the same day. We ware spared by just over 17,000 miles. Here's another video of 2012 DA14. The two asteroids were not related.

Song of the Day: Starman - David Bowie (1972)
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