"Stormtrooper Effect" / South Street

Stormtrooper Effect - South Street

South Street is a section of Philadephia with a bohemian atmosphere and a diverse mix of restaurants, eateries, specialty shops, bars, live music and nightlife. It is an urban cultural center where street artists and musicians exhibit their art, people dress up in costumes, shop, dine and interact.

Every time I see someone in a Stormtrooper costume it reminds me of the "Stormtrooper Effect" which states that, the enemy in action movies are such bad shots that they are never able to hit the main characters despite their overwhelming numbers and/or firepower.

Although we generally dismiss the influence of movies and distortions such as the Stormtrooper Effect on our thought processes, I'm afraid that they do contribute to many of our Cognitive Biases.
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